Workers' Compensation

Employees are valuable assets to a business, and they warrant quality protection to aid their recovery and return back to work from an accident suffered on the job. They can slip, get hurt lifting heavy equipment, become ill from allergic conditions or even get burned by being exposed to fire.

It’s also crucial you protect your business from potential lawsuits and losses suffered by an employee.

That is why it is important for a business with employees to have workers’ compensation insurance, and the Allee Insurance Agency can help you acquire it for your business!

Policies for workers’ compensation insurance must be written by a state-authorized mutual or stock carrier. With the Allee Insurance Agency being located in Tennessee, authorization needs to come from the Volunteer State.

Premiums depend on the work/performance classifications of an employee, payroll and the claims of experience of the employer. As previously mentioned, necessary services to aid the recovery of an employee are covered by workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation can cover bills for medical, hospital and doctor expenses. It’s required for employers to post a notice announcing their securing of appropriate workers’ compensation in a distinguished location. This must be done as a form mandated by the Commissioner of the Department of Banking and Insurance. On the form, employers must state the name of their insurance carrier.

The employees must be notified of their benefits and coverage from workers’ compensation, as well as all reporting protocols and where they should go for medical treatment.

The Allee Insurance Agency can gladly tailor a workers’ compensation plan to suit the needs of your business. We can also incorporate additional details no matter if you’re in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin!

Our team of skilled insurance professionals has the experience and savvy in the workers’ compensation realm. Via our program, you’ll acquire excellent claim service, plus your employees will easily be able to use our vast network of medical officials when they need care.

Call the Allee Insurance Agency today at (615) 386–7153 or Click here for a free workers' comp quote!


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