Business Insurance

All business owners know that unanticipated events can arise at any given time. Obtaining proper business insurance affords the necessary coverage for various types of situations that may present themselves. At Allee Insurance Agency, we can gladly assist you in receiving a business insurance policy that best suits your needs, specifically in the Tennessee areas of Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin!

The following are just a few of the many ways a business insurance policy can protect you:
  • Protection versus damages or losses to the location of your business
  • Protection for your business when legal action occurs
  • Coverage of vehicles used by your business for company operations
  • Coverage for business during an interruption
  • Insurance for on-the-job injuries suffered by employees
The Allee Insurance Agency will conduct an analysis of your business model and provide you valuable information on various insurance plans that suit your specific needs. You can receive protection for your business through programs such as:  
Property insurance deals with necessary funding toward repairing physical assets that have been damaged by weather storms, fires, vandalism and the like. The liability program provides protection against financial losses stemming from the employees or products of your business being at fault.
Business owners with employees must possess workers’ compensation insurance, as it involves coverage for the medical expenses of employees if/when they either have an accident or suffer an illness while on the job. Another reason workers’ compensation is important is because of its ability to quickly help employees return back to work and the aid in the eradication of a potential lawsuit.

Commercial auto insurance awards protection from losses and injuries suffered by fellow passengers, drivers and pedestrians while a company’s staff is operating an automobile. Business interruption insurance give you protection from damages and losses of profit and cash flow during a situation that disrupts the function of your business. Business crime insurance pertains to the protection of a business should theft, fraud, robbery and other crimes occur.

An umbrella insurance policy provides protection for a business against different claims that exceed the limits of other policies. Examples of umbrella insurance providing assistance include false arrests and lawsuits for slander or libel.

No matter what program or combination of specific business insurance policies you feel you need, the Allee Insurance Agency can help you! Contact us today at (615) 386–7153!

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